Inter Pacific Recruiting was instrumental in getting me a job teaching in Korea. All the great staff there made the process easy and comfortable.

".Inter Pacific Recruiting was Instrumental.."

My recruiter Brandon was always available for any questions I had and answered them honestly and promptly. Once I was in Korea, Inter Pacific continued to be a support resource for me at any time I needed help.

".Inter Pacific continued to be a support resource."

I can certainly say I would recommend IPR to my friends, family, and anyone who is considering teaching abroad.

Colin Braney | (Ontario, Canada)

Choosing to teach English in Korea has been the most rewarding decision I could have made. As a recent graduate with no real job experience, this gave me the opportunity to gain valuable skills for my future. As a young adult, it heightened my realization that taking risks in life is gratifying and advantageous.

".gave me the opportunity to gain valuable skills for my future."

Thus far, I have been in Korea for ten months. I teach children between the ages of 7 to 14. It has been a pleasurable experience working with the children. I never knew I would enjoy teaching as much as I do. Living in Jeonju is enjoyable. It's a middle-sized city small enough to get around easily but big enough to provide sources of 'city entertainment'. Taking part in the nightlife is a way to get to know other foreigners. Thanks to Brandon, I have not been disappointed with my decision to teach in Jeonju, South Korea.

"Thanks to Brandon, I have not been disappointed."

He chose a desirable school and location for me. I know that when I leave here, I will not forget this experience. I have learnt so much about the Korean culture, the language, and all the various dishes. Seeing the mountains everyday and watching the landscape transform as the season's change has been so astonishing. IPR is responsible for this tremendous experience and I have not regretted working with Brandon.

Shawna Kay Cassell | (Toronto, Canada)

When I first started researching opportunities of working in Korea, I hit the internet to quickly have my inbox overloaded with information, offers, and opportunities. Almost to the point of deleting Korea emails as spam that we all get overloaded with. I was highly skeptical as at the time I was 6 years in a secure corporate career.

"I loved every minute of it, so much in fact."

Then a college mate of mine, someone I really trusted recommended IPR. I started talking with Brandon and the first thing that gained my trust in him was his question of "why?" when I insisted to live in Seoul. Any other recruiter I could have said I wanted to teach somewhere not suited to me and they would have put me there. I deeply appreciated and respected Brandon's question asking me WHY I wanted Seoul instead of blindly herding me like cattle.

"I deeply appreciated and respected Brandon's question asking me WHY."

Not only will he tell you the good, he will honestly tell you the pitfalls and how he can and will assist throughout your contract.

Woody Brown | (Arkansas, USA)