Teaching Overseas is a great opportunity, but so many people find themselves away from home & in trouble, SIMPLY because they did not take the time to do some basic research and planning ...


Discover how you can TEACH ENGLISH OVERSEAS with the SAME information that I’ve used to place thousands of English Teachers in a safe job!

Also Revealed: How to get the Real Info on jobs, while
MAXIMIZING your time and earnings potential overseas!

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard about the thousands who are teaching English in Japan, Korea or maybe even China

… but did you know that you can actually teach anywhere in the world.

In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people teaching English, in their own country, in another country, online or even in their home RIGHT NOW!

ESL (English as a Second Language) is a huge industry with billions of people racing to learn English everyday, and guess what….

Brandon Miller
ESL Job Hawk

 It’s only getting bigger…

You may not realize it BUT you can cash in on this boom too - based purely on the fact that you speak English fluently. That puts you in demand!

How would you like someone to give you a ...

  • Rent-free apartment;
  • Roundtrip airline ticket;
  • Work schedule of as little as 10 hours per week;
  • Months of paid vacation; and
  • A paycheck for thousands of dollars

… all while you are getting the chance to explore another culture - NOT as a tourist but from the inside as a Resident

However, before we go any further I want to make sure that we are on the same page …

… even though this is a great opportunity that thousands of people are taking advantage of right now, not every ESL Job is a great experience.

The reality is that the ESL industry is full of pitfalls ...

Once you go international, very few rules apply AND even fewer are enforceable, especially when it comes to private agreements.

Let me ask you this:

  • What would you do if your employer decided not to pay you for a couple of months?
  • Or you arrive to an apartment that is in the basement of a brothel?
  • Or what if you show up and the big school that you are supposed to be working at, turns out to be a guy’s house, that manages his “school” in his bathrobe?


As funny and surreal as these examples sound - they’re TRUE!

Maybe you have the idea that you’ll run to the embassy if there’s a problem - WRONG.

The fact is that having a problem and running to the embassy as you’ve seen so many times before in the movies – is NOT going to happen.

When you're an ESL Teacher with problems, you’ll find out how useless your respective embassy can be – believe me I know, as I had a hand in the production of an American Embassy briefing paper on English Teaching.

Again don’t take my word for it, as this is what some of the embassies say right on their webpage …

“The Embassy, by regulation, cannot enter into any case, conduct any investigation, or act as a lawyer for any personal mishap or employment dispute experienced by a U.S. citizen. We cannot investigate, certify, or vouch for employers. It is up to each individual to evaluate an employer before signing a contract…”

US State Department Webpage

“Canadian government offices are not permitted to become involved in any case, conduct an investigation, or act as lawyers or mediators in any personal, legal or contractual conflicts experienced by Canadian citizens. They cannot investigate, certify or vouch for prospective employers. It is up to each individual to evaluate any employment offer before signing a contract.”

Canadian Government Webpage

 However don't dispair as the ESL industry is not all fraught with danger ... as long as you know what the rules are.

There are people out there that are having the time of their lives ...

... and some have the best jobs that they will ever have teaching English!

You too can teach overseas safely and get
the most out of your experience ...

ESL Job Hawk will show you:

  • How to research your own jobs
  • What jobs to apply for and what to look out for
  • How to identify a good school from a bad one
  • The English and teaching techniques used in ESL classrooms right now
  • How to construct your résumé and application so employers will notice you
  • Learn to rely on yourself so someone else doesn’t have to decide your fate
  • Where to find 1000’s of jobs that are located in the top ESL hotspots worldwide
  • The info on 20+ countries that are aimed directly at ESL teachers

ESL Job Hawk is a culmination of my years of experience, from teaching, managing and most importantly hiring teachers to work within the ESL industry…

It’s a one-of-a-kind resource for people seeking ESL teaching positions at home or abroad.


ESL Job Hawk is comprised of not 1 but 3 e-Books:

ESL Job Hawk Intro

The introduction is packed with everything you need to know about employment in the ESL industry, including:

How to write your resume to get an employers attention
The types of jobs available with their pros and cons
Job search techniques to find that Golden Job
How you should prepare your Application package
What employers are looking for in a teacher
How to prepare for an interview & ensure a job offer
What to know about contracts and what to look out for
All the industry background info and lingo
And MOST IMPORTANTLY how to spot a good opportunity from a dodgy one.

ESL Job Hawk TESOL Primer

ESL Job Hawk’s introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) includes:

Instruction in language awareness
Lesson planning theory and practice
Classroom management skills
The ins & outs of communicative language teaching
Info that’s been used to prepare countless teachers for ESL classrooms

ESL Job Hawk Job Guide

ESL Job Hawk Job Guide is the 411 of English Language Schools worldwide. Our ever expanding list of schools includes:

All of the contact information you'll need to make connections to 1000's of different schools
Job lists for over 20 countries from around the world
Go above and beyond traditional travel books with industry specific country profiles that informs you on salaries, savings potential, contractual information, visa requirements and more

All of these resources together make ESL JOB HAWK a
one-of-a-kind package you will NOT find anywhere else!

Now let’s be honest, why would you buy this product and what’s in it for you….

….well, first and foremost we'll show you how to apply to the right job, how to make sure that you are prepared, and give you the info to keep you safe.

Unless you’re working with someone who sincerely cares about you, (which is rare) as more often than not they’re going to be guided by their drive for money – how can you REALLY know that they are taking care of you?

You need to be responsible for your own fate.
It's up to you to do your own Due Diligence!

There are very few recruiters out there that put you ahead of their bottom line. As a recruiter myself, I’ve never striven to be the biggest recruiter out there, but I’ve striven to be the best.


I’ve never put money ahead of someone’s life experience, even though so many times I’ve been asked to.

And there are even more times I’ve listened to the negative experiences of other people that have started to work with another recruiter or HR "Professional"

That is why Inter Pacific Recruiting has been in business for the better part of a decade under the same name.

Some recruiters work hard to collect as much money as they can – then once their reputation is beyond repair they close down and start another company.

So maybe you’re thinking that you’ll just stay away from recruiters all together

Maybe it's better to go to “a large company” - I'll be taken care of by their large HR Department.

Guess what – that’s not always the case either, as there are even more HR people who are just trying to fill a spot and just get you in wherever they can to fill their quota.

These guys have managers screaming at them on a daily basis just to get a teacher in there. And it's even scarier, especially when the head office has to supply teachers under their franchise agreements.

Do you want to work for a director who has already cycled through 3 people in 6 months as he/she has no idea how to manage a school – I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those statistics.

You might be saying at this point "c’mon big companies are safe" - well do an internet search on Nova Japan & see how thousands of teachers were not paid & found themselves stranded in Japan with no job or way home…

“THOUSANDS of young foreigners teaching English in Japan were left jobless and in danger of expulsion from the country yesterday after embattled language school giant Nova shut its 925 schools…”
Sydney Morning Herald

“ESL teachers left in limbo in Japan; 660 Canadians among 4,000 out of work as 900-school Nova Group chain goes bankrupt”
The Toronto Star

“Following Nova Corp.'s well-documented troubles over the last few months, Japan's biggest language school chain is now in the hands of administrators…”
Japan Times


… and this school chain is one of the biggest in the world - a publicly traded company on the Japanese Stock exchange.

So where does that leave you?

Well, maybe you decided to check out a message board of teachers that are working overseas.

Seems like a good idea ...

... but most people that I’d like to get advice from never see the inside of a message board.

In case you don’t know yet, message boards are generally filled with people who are disenfranchised with their jobs and live in a particular message forum, or with newbie’s desperately looking for answers.

Don't you think that it would be better to get advice from someone who’s only be an employee in the field for a couple of years versus somebody who’s been involved in all facets of the industry for a decade…

At the end of the day, everyone has an opinion and sees themselves as an expert in their own right, but without sounding to pompous…

I am an expert in more areas than just one …

… as I have worn a number of different hats in my ESL Career.

Allow me to formally introduce myself ...

My name is Brandon Miller, and not only am I the creator of ESL Job Hawk - but a decade ago I was once where you are NOW!

That’s right 10 years ago I jumped into an ESL job in Korea at a time when Korea was known as the “Wild West of ESL".

So I started as a teacher and over 10 years later, I’m a veteran English teacher, recruiter, trainer and consultant. With nearly a decade of experience in the ESL industry, I know what it takes to set new teachers up for success. ESL Job Hawk draws on my experience and expertise as:

  • An English teacher at various student levels/ages. I’ve taught students ranging from preschool to adult in a variety of settings including camps, corporate training environments, private language institutes and universities.
  • The founder and president of Inter Pacific Recruiting Inc. Over the past decade I built IPR and have successfully placed thousands of teachers in quality teaching positions throughout Korea.
  • A guest speaker in the areas of overseas English teaching and job placement. I’ve spoken at the request of university career centers & TESOL training programs throughout North America on finding safe, enjoyable ESL teaching positions. I’ve also hosted seminars on teaching English overseas.
  • A project manager contracted to set-up and manage an ESL school launch.
    I've been responsible for the hiring of staff, the implementation of curriculum and the creation of marketing and student recruitment plans for highly successful language schools worldwide
  • A TESOL Instructor. I’ve taught and I’m certified by 2 International providers of TESOL Certifications while being personally responsible for training hundreds of people in TESOL.
  • An independent ESL consultant. I’ve worked with organizations and companies as notable as Lonely Planet travel guide books and the US Embassy in Korea
  • Co-founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to safe ESL schools for kids. Seeing the need to fill a glaring hole in the ESL recruitment process, I co-founded a non-profit program that screens teachers for criminal records and fake degrees prior to registering them for employment with participating overseas schools.

What does this all mean?

It means ... when I give advice on teaching overseas -

So that's me in a nutshell but let’s get what I’m offering you …

In case you missed it I am giving you all of the tools to find a great job and keep yourself safe.

How can you put a price on that?

It’s not like I can look at my cost of production or my shipping or any other traditional expense,  but maybe a better way of looking at it, is what would it cost you NOT to have this info ...

Any one or all of the following would cost you thousands of dollars:

  • Being screwed on your airfare would cost you $2000+
  • Not being paid for a month $2500+
  • Paying for your first month being overseas $1000
  • Incidentals for going overseas $500
  • Lost earning Potential – 1000’s of $ for sure
  • Intangible Frustration – Priceless

Considering that ESL Job Hawk is the only product of it’s kind on the market and the information it contains will save you 1000’s of $’s– How much is it worth?

Hard to say but I wanted to put a fair price on it so so I’ve decided to sell this for $47.99

Why so Cheap?

Simply, I want you to have NO hesitation about buying ESL Job Hawk…

Teaching ESL is such a great opportunity and if you take the responsibility to empower yourself to know what the scams are then you'll be one of the lucky ones that will have a great overseas experience.

Isn’t an investment of $47.99 worth it if it saves you a year
of problems should you sign the wrong deal?

That works out to be $3.99 per month or 13 cents a day for a year. Hmmm ...

A lot of people are willing to go out and get a well known travel book worth the same price before they go overseas…

…and in turn end up paying a lot more than $47.99 for books that tell them simply of the travel potential in their chosen country so WHY would you not protect yourself or your livelihood for the same price or less?

Well guess what I’m even going to go one-step further and remove all of the risk for you right now as I’m so confident that ESL Job Hawk is the right product for you!

My 90-Day Risk Free Guarantee!

Look, I already know that the information I'm revealing in this book is the info that will keep you safe, because I've personally kept thousands of English Teachers safe for almost a decade.

That's why I feel totally confident in offering you a guarantee ... so the RISK is all on me!

Get your ESL Job Hawk package today, and if at any time during the next 90 days, you decide that the information I've given you isn't worth it, simply let me know and I'll promptly refund every penny of the purchase price. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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The bottom line with this package: I've done the hard work for you. I've spent over a decade learning everything that you need to know ... and give you all that knowledge in ESL Job Hawk!

Isn't it worth $47.99 to skip a year in a grueling job, bypass the costly mistakes, and jumpstart your ESL Career with tried and tested techniques that are guaranteed to work?

In just minutes, you can own valuable info that will fast track to ESL employment Gold, guaranteed -- or I'll give you 100% of your money back.

That's how much I believe in this package.

And don't forget ...

Since "ESL Job Hawk" is delivered electronically, you'll be able to get the very step towards an exciting new career and life underway in the next 5 minutes!


Brandon Miller, Founder
ESL Job Hawk